Christmas Heart Font

My Christmas Gift To You!

These are all lower case letters with a heart border added along with an end swirl, a period, exclamation point, and an & sign. Watch the video to learn how to create a file with your font.  You can be very creative with this font.  I view the 1-inch letters for a sweatshirt back or front.  The .75 inch can be used for a left chest or center front chest and then the .50 inch letters are definitely for a left chest or center front application, depending on the number of letters in a name or saying

You will need to download each one and save them into a file on your Desktop or are on Hard Drive.  Click on each of the links to download your font.

If you are using the Pulse or DGML program, you will download all of the .PXF fonts.

If you are using an embroidery program other than Pulse, download the .DST fonts.

1 Inch Christmas Heart Files:

.75 Inch Christmas Heart Files

.50 Inch Christmas Heart Files

Joyce Jagger
The Embroidery Coach