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Learning how to work with your digitizers is very important.  In today’s world, there are no perfect designs.  We have gone from paying $30.00 per thousand stitches down to pennies in some cases.  The designs that we used to purchase were done entirely differently and took many hours to produce.  Our designs that we are getting today are done almost instantly, and the time and effort that goes into them is very low. 

It is imperative to learn how to edit your designs, even when they come back from the digitizer.  It is important to be able to find a digitizer that will digitize in the same type of software that you are currently using.  If not, you have to settle for a .dst stitch file that you cannot easily edit.  Many embroiderers get very excited when they get their new embroidery software and immediately want to learn how to digitize.  You need to become an expert at editing designs before you can even think about learning how to digitize. 

You need to learn the basics of lettering and understand pull compensation and underlay stitching before you learn how to digitize.  These are all prerequisites of digitizing and will make the process of digitizing much easier and cleaner. 

Video: Editing 101 – Working With A Digitizer

In this video, I talk about working with a digitizer. I will be covering the following subjects.

  • Should I Digitize the Designs Myself?
  • What to Expect from a Digitizer?
  • What is the Necessary Information that I need to give the Digitizer?
  • What you should be looking for in a Design from the Digitizer?

Video: Editing 101 – How To Order Your Embroidery Designs!

In this video, Jesse Elliot from Ignition Drawing is showing us what we need to think about before creating our designs, and he talks about what information we need to include when we order them from a digitizer. Knowing which stitch types to use and what information to give a digitizer are important for getting quality embroidery designs. He also goes through the process of ordering a design from Ignition Drawing so that you can see how to do it and what choices you have when you place an order.

When you decide to place your first order, send them an email to and give them the coupon code “Embroidery_Coach_Free_Digi” and they will give you a coupon to be used towards your first purchase. Let them know that this directive is from Jesse Elliot!

Inside of Editing 102, I show you how to make your designs more production friendly!

This is a design that I had digitized, and I edited it to run better with less stitches. I have included a Checklist for you to follow as you are working with your designs after they come back from the digitizer.

Checklist of Items To Look For When Your Design Comes Back From The Digitizer

Video: Editing 102 – Part 1 – The Basics Of Design Editing

In this video, I show you the beginning of editing a design to make it production friendly.

Video: Editing 102 – Part 2 – Editing Video-Making It Production Friendly.

In this video, I show you how to make the letters sew out great. I also show you how to line them up.


Video: Editing 102 – Part 3 – Editing Video-Making It Production Friendly.

In this video, I show you how to increase the size of the letters after they had been moved closer together while making sure they fit in the same space as before.


Video: Editing 102 – Part 4 – Finishing Up The Design

In this video, I show you how to finish up editing the larger letters in the design and the last piece of the design.