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Embroidery Basics

Learning Embroidery Basics correctly when you are first starting your embroidery business is by far the fastest way to receive a return on your investment. In this membership level, you will be taught the basics of each step: both in the applications and the basic understanding of what goes into creating quality designs.


Embroidery Basics

In this level, you will learn how to hoop without the use of a hooping device. Yes, a hooping device always makes the job go faster and sometimes even better, but you need to know the basics of hooping first and then you can learn to use the hooping device. Having your garment hooped correctly is critical!

There are many times when you will be faced with a problem situation such as an item that is very hard to hoop or does not fit in the normal hoop. If you have learned the basics correctly it is a lot easier to work through that problem.

In today’s world, there are many helps that are available to use. Embroiderers from all over the world are coming up with quicker ways of doing the different applications. With experience, everyone develops their own way as they gain that knowledge, but this still does not discount the fact that you must learn the basics in the beginning.