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Embroidery Design Basics

Inside of this level, you have access to many programs on Design creation. Each one of these programs will help you increase the quality of your designs and show you many shortcuts and editing techniques. These are all very important skills that you must master before you start digitizing. Having these skills will shorten the learning curve and decrease the amount of time that it takes for you to learn how to create high-quality designs.

Go through each one of these programs, watch the videos and take notes as you are watching them. Watch them again and follow what I have done using your own software. Following what I do at the same time will give you the right feel for the exercise and will help you to learn faster. If you have a lap top or a tablet that you can watch the videos on as you are working on your desk top you will learn quicker. This is the ideal situation.

I am using an older version of the Tajima by Pulse DGML software, but all the techniques I show you work regardless of which software you are using. The tools in your software may have a different name and the location may differ but, the fundamentals and settings will work in any embroidery design software.

The knowledge that you will gain by learning the Design Creation Basics is extremely valuable in the creation of high quality designs and in being able to give your customers the best quality that you have to offer.