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I laid out this website in skill sets and membership levels to make it easier and take the overwhelm out of trying to learn how to create your embroidery business. 

My goal is to make your journey to developing your embroidery business as simple as possible. This is an exciting journey, but It does not happen overnight, this is a process that takes time.  Go through each skill set and make sure that you totally understand it and have it mastered so that each one of the steps feels like a no-brainer before you move on to the next skill set!  Learning the basics and learning them extremely well is the key to having a successful embroidery business!

Inside of The Basic Gold Level Membership, you will learn how to embroider, how to hoop most types of products, how to create basic lettering designs, and be able to add the right settings to them to make them stand out for your customers. This will give you all of the tools that you need to be able to produce high-quality embroidery that will make your customers want to come back for more.  Inside of this Start-Up/Gold member level you have access to:

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