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Sales Tools Workshop

Video: Sales Tools Session 1

In this video I show you how to create your Thread Chart and the Script portion of your Font Chart.  I have included the Thread chart template, the Thread Spools pdf,  and the Font chart template below.  Download them to start using them as you go through the video.  If you have already started creating each of these, pull up your current version and continue. Some of this video was corrupted and I had to cut it out, however, the important parts are there.  I talked about the thread chart but a few minutes before that in the video, I had to remove it.  

Thread Chart Template

Font Styles Template

Video: Sales Tools Session 2

In this video, I show you how to create the block portion of your Font chart and then I go on to the Layout chart.  I show you how to create each one of the layouts.  I showed you pictures of my sewn-out fonts, fills, and run stitches and they did not show up in the video so I have included them here for you to click on and view.  I also included pictures of my sewn-out font chart and layouts that I have in picture frames.

Sewn-out Fonts
Sewn-out Run Stitches
Sewn-out Fill Stitches
Frame of Sewn-out Fonts
Frame of Sewn-Out Layouts



Video: Sales Tools Session 3

In this video, I show you how to create the Hang Tag that is attached to your clothing samples. They are attached with a tagging gun to save you time and have all of your information about the product in front of you.  I also include a sample of the Hang Tag and the Hang Tag Template. Download the Template so that you can start willing it in.  Print out the sample to see how I create them on a word doc.  We also had Q & A.

Hang Tag Template
Hang Tag Sample