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Want To Get The Knowledge, Confidence and Understanding to Build A
Profitable Embroidery Business?  

Personalized Coaching To Help You Grow Your Embroidery Business

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You don't have to do it on your own.

Starting or growing an embroidery business can be hard.  We can help.

How To Embroider Caps

Most embroiderers struggle to build a successful embroidery business.  Here at the Embroidery Business Academy, we give you the personalized coaching and training you need to succeed.

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Personalized Embroidery Coaching

Get the tools you need to get off to a fast start without hurting your budget.

Learn how to embroider professionally and create basic lettering to bring in more repeat customers.

Get the personalized coaching that you need to build a business that thrives.

Video: Re-hooping Embroidery Garment - It Fell Out Of The Hoop

In this video, I show you how to repair a sweatshirt that fell out of the hoop before it was finished with the embroidery. This could have been a ruined sweatshirt, but I was able to line it up perfectly and complete the embroidery.  I go through the entire process and show you exactly what to do to make this happen.  An embroidery problem like this can happen at any time!  You must be prepared for it.

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(Be the Go-To-Embroiderer in your area)

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The Entrepreneur Embroiderer
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