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About Joyce Jagger, The Embroidery Coach

Joyce Jagger, The Embroidery Coach, found the right system that took her from almost losing everything to being able to create a successful embroidery Business. She is now here to help you create a successful embroidery business and make it easier for you so that you can avoid the long learning curve that she went through. Through online embroidery business training and one on one coaching”

She helps you avoid pitfalls!
She helps you with the foundation of your business!
She shows you easy steps to take on your pathway to success!

As a former owner of a successful embroidery business, she is now in the business of helping you set up systems to take your current embroidery business to a higher profit level. She has spent over a decade helping other embroidery business owners get started and increase their profits. Embroidery can be a very lucrative business when you have the right systems, approach and tools in place!