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Learning how to increase your quality of embroidery is extremely important and you want to strive to be the best embroiderer in your area of expertise.  What do I mean by that?  You must be able to offer the best quality embroidery for your area or niche market and be the go-to embroiderer that everyone wants to work with. This is not hard to do but does takes time.

You must first be a master of the basics and always be improving your skills by studying and keeping up with the latest products and techniques.  The basics never change and if you do not master the basics, it is very difficult to be able to offer great quality in both workmanship and customer service.

Step 1 – Watch the How To Increase Quality videos so that you can learn how to create the high-quality designs and learn how it takes to create high-quality designs.

Step 2 – Work with your lettering designs changing the different settings to work with the different types of fabrics and practice running them on the machine until they are of high-quality.  If you are unsure of your quality, send us a design and we will tell you if it is high-quality or not.  We will also be able to tell you what to do to be able to achieve that high-quality.

Step 3 – Go through your workbook and fill it in at each step.  This will make it easier to review when you are getting ready to take your Certification Test!

Many embroiderers are so busy working on their day to day business that they feel they do not have the time to do any more studying.  This can be a mindset that holds you back from not only learning how to create great designs, but from learning time-saving short cuts along the way. Do not get caught in this mindset!

Continuing your education and learning new design techniques is very important. We are constantly bombarded with new fabrics that we must learn how to handle, and the fabrics keep getting stretchier and thinner especially for sports items. Without the right knowledge and skill level to work with these fabrics, your garments will pucker or stretch out of shape. This is a huge cause of frustration.  If you are experiencing any type of frustration or issues with your embroidery, it is time to stop and rethink what you are doing.

When you do offer great quality workmanship and excellent customer service, you will have the confidence that is so important when working with customers.  When you show confidence in your work and the ability to work with your customers in whatever capacity they are looking for, it will show. Your customers will in turn, have confidence in you, and know that they are dealing with a professional!

Becoming a professional will bring in many more repeat customers.