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When you start your new Business, Marketing your embroidery business is imperative for the success of your business.  You must get the word out about your Embroidery Business!

Step 1. Marketing 101 – The basics of marketing your business.  You must have a professional logo created, create your sales materials and a marketing plan.  You must appear professional before you can start the process of marketing.

Step 2. Marketing 201 – Create an Anutomatic Follow up System – This sytem will follow up with your customers after they have purchased a product from you. You can create campaigns that will market to your new prospects when you place a form in Facebook or on your website that collects names and email information automatically even while you are sleeping.

Step 3. Marketing 301- Create an ECommerce website that you can use to showcase and sell your products. People want to check you out and see what you have to offer before they will do business with you. This is a great place to show your creativity and quality.

It is very important to have a good web presence.  Start with Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter and place images of your products that you have created for your customers as soon as you start your marketing process and even before you have your ecommerce site created.