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Your first skill is to learn how to embroider professionally. There are many basic details that you need to know to help you get set up to learn how to embroider professionally.

Step 1 – How to Start an Embroidery Business- If you are new to embroidery or are just starting your embroidery business, you want to go into the How to Start program first.  It is important to plan out your business right from the beginning. 

Step 2 – Organize your Embroidery area so that you can have a good workflow.  You want to be able to go from one process to another saving steps between each one.

Step 3 – Learn the Control Panel on your Embroidery Machine – If you have a mew machine, you must first learn how to run that machine;  You will not learn that inside of this program.  All machines are unique and their control panels are all a little different.  It is important to gain contol of the machine and not be afraid of it.  When you first get a new machine, it is very intimidating at first, but if you are consistent in working with it,. you will soon lose this fear.

Step 4 – Learn the basics of your Embroidery Design software.  Learn how to create basic lettering, save it in your native design file and then take it to your machine and sew it out.  You will need to do a lot of experimenting with your software to get comfortable with it.

Step 5 – Go through all of the Embroidery Basics videos and learn each one of the processes starting with setting up your machine. Watch for many tips and shortcuts that I talk about along the way to save you time.

Step 6 – Go through the Embroidery Techniques videos and learn how to work with the different types of garments.

Step 7 – Watch the How to Embroidery Small Letters videos.  This will teach you how to set up lettering using your fonts in your embroidery design software. It will also give you all of the basic settings that you need to use with the different types of fabrics.  Make sure to print out the checklists to use as you are creating your lettering.

Step 8 – Watch the Embroidery Underlay Stitching videos so that you will be able to learn how to add the right underlay stitching type for the different types of fabrics and stitch types.

Step 9 – Watch the Pull Compensation videos so that you will know how to apply Push and Pull Compensation to your designs.  You will also be able to go into your lettering and learn to apply the right pull compensation to work with the different fabric types.

From that point on, you can go into the other videos inside of the Design programs as you need them or want to learn more about each one of design techniques. 

Go through your workbook and fill it in at each step.  This will make it easier to review when you are getting ready to take your Certification Test if you are a Titanium Lifetime member!