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Is your embroidery business running smoothly or is it running you ragged? Do you have the feeling that you must be totally disorganized and wonder if you will ever get a handle on this whole thing? If that is how you feel, it is time to stop what you are doing and the way that you are thinking about your business and start getting your embroidery business organized. 

Step 1. Create a Good Paperwork Flow – Do you have a good workflow with the right forms to make your workflow easy? There are several processes that you need to have in place to create a good paperwork flow. Creating a good paperwork flow is the first step in creating a good customer experience and an efficient work process.

 Step 2. Create Time Saving Sales Tools – Do you spend a lot of time working with your customers that cuts into your production time? There are several time saving sales tools that you can create. When you have your sales tools created,  it only takes a very few minutes to help your  customers during the initial sales process. You can steer them in the right direction very quickly and it saves you many hours during the week that you can spend on your production. The customers are very pleased also that it was such a quick process.

Step 3. Set Up A Production Scheduling System – Do You Have A System To Deliver Your Jobs On Time?  This one step alone is going to make such a huge difference in your production output. When you have a good production scheduling systen, you know when you could add a rush job into your schedule without messing up your whole scheduling system or having anyone upset because their job can not be completed on time.

Step 4. Create A Business Plan – Do you have a guide prepared to help you run your entire business?  In the How To Start An Embroidery Business step in Skill Set No. 1, I gave you a template and talked about creating a business plan.  WIthout a business plan it is very hard to know which direction you need to take your business.  If you have not yet created your plan, now is the time to stop and get it done.  It will be a huge asset to your business.

Step 5. Create An Employee Training Program – Do you have a system created for employee training?  Do you have all of your processes written down to make it easy to train a new employee? Creating an employee training program is a huge step in building a money-making embroidery business and well-trained employees can help you grow the right way very quickly!

Step 6. Setting Up Your Bookkeeping System -You need a good bookkeeping system, and I highly recommend QuickBooks. Setting up QuickBooks is not hard when you have the right guidance to help you. I have a program that makes it easy. Setting up your books properly is the huge step in organizing your embroidery business that can make it run smoothly. It is important to know where you are at all times in each department within your business, where you are making money and where you need to take action.