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Titanium Unlimited Level is for Embroidery Business Owners that are serious about offering the best of the best!

How To Get The Knowledge, Confidence, and Understanding To Build A Profitable Business Without The Struggle of Having No One To Help You or Risking Your Life Savings! 


No More Searching All Over The Internet For The
Right Information. It’s All In One Place!

We Help Embroiderers Succeed!

Let Me Ask You Some Questions?

Would you like to:

  • Become a Professionally Trained Embroiderer?
  • Avoid struggling to make your embroidery business work?
  • Escape from NOT being able to make enough money to pay all of the bills?
  • Bring in profits even during the slow months?
  • Sidestep worrying about whether your prices are too high?
  • Save yourself from the worry of getting all of the work done on schedule and in a timely manner?
  • Avoid spending too much time waiting on customers while your production suffers?
  • Create a pricing structure that will work for any type of situation?
  • Create the right marketing plan so that you are always bringing in orders?
  • Discover The Real Secret for how to build your embroidery business the right way?
  • Stop searching all over the internet for the right information? It’s here, all in one place!
  • Discover Strategies that build your confidence as an embroidery business owner?
  • Have Systems to increase profit and visibility?
  • Become a “Certified Embroidery Business Specialist?”
  • Become the sought after embroidery provider?

Is your embroidery business running you ragged? Do you have the feeling that you are totally disorganized? I know exactly how you feel!  I have been there, but with help, I learned how to turn my business around and turn it into a true money-making embroidery business!  I want to help you do the same and become the best embroiderer in your area of expertise and beat out all of the competition! 

Who Is Joyce Jagger, The Embroidery Coach and How Can She Help Me?

Joyce Jagger, The Embroidery Coach is an expert in Embroidery Business Training and currently has the longest running Embroidery Coaching Program on the Internet.

As a former owner of a profitable embroidery business, she is now in the business of helping you start your own profitable embroidery business or help you take your current embroidery business to a higher profit level. She has spent over a decade helping other embroiderers get started and increase their profits. Embroidery can be a very lucrative business when you have the right systems, approach, and tools in place!

Are You Ready To Step Up And Be The Go-To Embroiderer In Your Area?

My guess is that you have struggled trying to be the embroiderer in your niche that everybody seeks out!  Do I have that right?  You have searched everywhere trying to get the right information to help you be that go-to embroiderer!  Is that right?

You are a seasoned embroider that has been in business for quite some time, but continue to struggle each and every month. You want to be the best embroiderer in your area or market niche; You want to be able to offer the best customer service and build a successful embroidery business, but how do you accomplish this? The fact is you are not alone! We are here to help you succeed!

If you are ready to turn your business into the go-to embroidery business that your customers or prospects are seeking out, this Titanium Unlimited Level is the best place to start. The best part is you will have no more payments!  This is an Embroidery Training Program that will keep growing, but you will not have to pay any more for it!

Introducing: The Titanium Level of “The Embroidery Business Academy!” This is the Next Step in Building a Successful Embroidery Business!

Skill Set No. 1 – Master Embroidery Skills ($1200.00 Value)

Your first skill is to learn how to embroider professionally. There are many basic details that you need to know to start your embroidery business and help you get set up to learn how to embroider professionally. 

“Embroidery Basics” 

Inside of Embroidery Basics, you will find multiple videos in each category on where to learn the basics of how to hoop your garments, Design Placement and more.

You will receive easy to understand instructions that include many basic techniques…such as:

I share my insider secrets from over 40 years of experience that you can’t find in any classroom. What this means to you is less trial and error! I once had a teacher tell me that “Smart people learn by their mistakes, but Smarter people learn from other people’s mistakes!” That is what I want for you! There is no reason for you to go through what I did, you can learn and profit from my mistakes!

“Embroidery Techniques” 

Inside of Embroidery Techniques, you will find multiple videos and will receive Step by Step Instruction for many basic items. I show you where to place your designs, how to hoop your garments, sew out your designs on many items such as:

“Embroidery Design Basics” 

These Step by Step videos will give you the skills to tackle embroidery jobs that you previously had to turn down and will greating increase your monthly revenue. 

Skill Set No. 2 – Increase Quality & Your Confidence ($540.00 Value)

Learning these skills will help you be the best embroiderer in your area of expertise. You want to be able to offer the best quality embroidery for your area or niche market and be the go-to embroiderer that everyone wants to work with. 

“Embroidery Design Creation & Editing” ($577.00 Value)

I do not mean design digitizing when I say Design Creation & Editing.  If you learn how to edit embroidery designs and making them production friendly,  they will sew out easily and quickly without any issues.  You want your designs to run without thread breaks. They are a waste of your production time. 

Skill Set No. 3 – Master Pricing For Profit (Value Priceless)

Create Price Lists the easy way and Increase your sales!  Your customers will have complete confidence in you and your ability to handle their order correctly and professionally.  When you conduct business in a professional manner, have the right tools in place, a high-quality product, and great customer service, you can charge more.  This works the same for a home-based business as it does for a large screen printing business that is adding embroider or the business that has a storefront!

“How To Price Embroidery” 

This is a full program teaching you how to create a pricing structure that will help you make the profit you have been looking for. This program includes many formatted spreadsheets top work with and create a price list that will fit any type of pricing situation within your apparel decorating business!  

Just follow the Step by Step system. Once you have Steps 1 through Steps 3 completed, your price list will automatically be created for you.

Organizing Income & Expenses Workbook

Artwork Preparation & Embroidery Production Timing Forms 

Developing The Right Mindset For Your Embroidery Business

Complete Pricing Structure Workbook

Learn How To Create & Work With Spreadsheets

Create A Price List of Apparel & Embroidery As A Package

It is so much more comprehensive than any of the others I have tried.

I want to thank you for all of your hard work and for the incredible amount of invaluable information you offer to new and established embroiderers. You are amazing! Once you put your information into the base program, it creates your price list for you! It is a tremendous tool! The videos that explain the system really simplify the entire process. It is well worth the investment!

Cindy Proctor

Owner, Busy Bee Embroidery

Skill Set No. 4 – Organizing Your Embroidery Business ($947.00 Value)

The next step is organizing your embroidery business so that is runs smoothly. Is your embroidery business running smoothly or is it running you ragged? Do you have the feeling that you must be totally disorganized and wonder if you will ever get a handle on this whole thing?. Inside of this skill set I show you exactly how to organize your business to help save you time and give you peace of mind. 

“Business Organization Programs”

Create A Good Paperwork Flow with Business & Production Forms 

Create A Simple or Full Business Plan

Create Time Saving Sales Tools & Your Job Quoting Tools

Set Up An Employee Training Program

Set Up A Production Tracking & Scheduling System

Set Up A Complete Bookkeeping System

If you have been in business for a few years and feel lost or totally disorganized, it is time to stop what you are doing and the way that you have been thinking about your business and get it organized.  I know that this can seem like an overwhelming, but it is a necessary task that you can to, one step at a time. If you will stop and do this, you will be amazed at how you will feel and how you can easily run your business! It will be easier to train new employees, increase your production when you have the right tools to work with, and even your cash flow! You will finally be able to sleep nights in peace!

Joyce, I want you to know how important the Bookkeeping System training has been to our business.  I started with QuickBooks and was able to get it to work so that I had a basic idea of how we were doing. I could put in invoice and expenses.

Through your Bookkeeping training I was able to take a GIANT step forward!  I was able to set up my Chart of Accounts to really give me information that was useful.  Now I understand my “Chart of Accounts” and it provides information that helps me make descisions in our business. Now my P & L really makes sense!

Linda Gadwood

Owner, Logo Linda

Skill Set No. 5 – Marketing Your Embroidery Business ($297.00 Value)

Now that you have your business set up and are taking orders, it is time to start marketing your embroidery business. Marketing your embroidery business is imperative for the success of your business.  You must get the word out about your Embroidery Business! I show you how to set up a marketing plan, create your marketing materials, set up your web presence and even create a follow up system so that you can automatically market to your prospects and customers.  This system can be running while you are sleeping! 

“Embroidery Business Marketing System”

Do You Want An Easy Solution To Get Your Business On Line So That You Have More Customers, Make More Money & Create The Kind Of Business That You Have Always Wanted?

A Marketing SystemThat Works For You 24 hours A Day?

Marketing 101
Embroidery Business Marketing Basics

Marketing 201
A Complete Follow Up System for Customers & Prospects  

Marketing 301
Building Your Sales System & E-commerce Website

This is a simple step by step program that you will be working through one level at a time. I do not want you to be overwhelmed. There is a ton of information that will be inside of this program. This program is available online for you 24 hours a day, 7 days per week inside of our exclusive membership website.

It will be by far the lowest paid salesperson that you have ever had and one that will keep on working day and night! It is by far the most cost-effective way to advertise your business!

 “How To Start An Embroidery Business” Program ($297.00 Value)

Planning Your Embroidery Business 

In this module, you will do all of your Preliminary planning for your embroidery business which will help build a Firm Foundation for your Embroidery Business whether you are new to the embroidery business or have been in business for some time!

 “Monthly Training” Program & Live Q & A ($297.00 Monthly Value)

 Each month a new live training that will be recorded and added to the website. There will be time allowed for to answer live any of your embroidery questions! A link will be sent to all members!

“Advanced Training” ($797.00 Value-More To Be Added)

Embroidery Business Growth Plan

9 Steps To A Successful Embroidery Business

More Programs To Be Added

“Certification Program” (Value Priceless )

Become a Certified Embroidery Business Specialist – Once you have completed all of the Skill Sets, you can apply to take a test to receive your Embroidery Business Specialist certification.  This will allow you to add the letters after your name on your business card and other marketing materials, CEBS.  This will give you credibility and help you stand above the competition in your area or niche market.  This is very important!

The “TitaniumLifetime Level” is the perfect place to start if you have had your Embroidery business for some time and you want to build a business that can Stand Above The Competition!

This is a huge money saving opportunity that is going to give you all of the embroidery business training you will ever need plus be able to set up your books properly for the Decorating Apparel Industry!

For a Limited Time You have all of this information at your fingertips plus! 
A One-Time investment of only 

We Even Offer A 3 Payment Option!

or a

 6 Payment Option!

1 Payment Option
One Time Payment

3 Payment Option
3 Monthly Payments

6 Payment Option
6 Monthly Payments

PS:  This offer is for a limited time only!  Do not make the mistake of passing it! You Want To Stand Above the Competition! We Can Help You Succeed!

The Embroidery Coach Guarantee